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Siana by Göni

Health studio

Despite a healthy lifestyle, do you feel that you cannot influence certain aesthetic problems?

Our gentle non-surgical treatments could offer the solution.

Years of experience, countless advanced and advanced training courses have trained us and allowed our competence to grow.

With non-invasive therapies, we have a positive effect on your visual appearance and this on your inner well-being.

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Meet Gönül Özkorkmaz

Beautician and nurse

My name is Gönül Özkorkmaz. My path in life has been a rocky one so far. At some point I decided to take the risk of being determined by others and seriously ill. Shaking off all fetters and with my strong will to live and optimism, I did it in spite of all those who advised against it. I started my own business.


As a trained nurse, I have a lot of practical and theoretical knowledge in the medical field. I was able to gain further qualifications in the medical aesthetic area through further training. The intellectual basis for my company was created. Thanks to fortunate coincidences and the active support of two good friends, I was finally able to open my studio.

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Our treatments

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Cosmetic treatments

Microderbrasion, microneedling, BB glow, skin therapy with highly focused light, microblading, eyelash extensions,

Skin tightening

Radiofrequency therapy,

Body sculpting with HIFU / Ultherapy

Fat zone reduction


Ultherapy ,

Radio frequency


Ultherapy, microneedling,

Eyelid lift

Radio frequency


Permanent hair removal

Using highly focused light, ie IPL, SHR

Foot care

"Joy and contentment are great beautifiers and famous caretakers of youthful appearance."

Charles Dickens

We'll do the rest!


Siana by Göni

Logo Siana by Göni
Blume, Ampullen
Therapy procedure

„Jede Blume hat ihre Reize.

Ihre Vorzüge zu betonen, darin liegt unsere Kunst.“

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Feeling good starts here

Logo Siana by Göni

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Contact information






Gudrunstraße 21, 90459 Nürnberg

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